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    1*Set Musical Instrument Kit
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  • Depth:
    60 mm
  • Height:
    540 mm
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    500 g
  • Width:
    180 mm
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Features : All Ukulele Accessories.  DIY Kits Hawaii ukulele soprano perfect for anyone.  You need to set up your own. The assembly is simple, easy to install.  For the DIY guitar enthusiast is a very simple matter.  Color wooden surface material, you can be painted to your own favorite color.  Simple to do 1. Sand surface the ukulele body and neck gently and carefully.  2. Connect the body and neck with the emulsion.  Make sure that the body and neck on the same horizontal line  3. Connect the guitar arm and neck with the emulsion.  4. Painting for yourself.  5. Installing the rest of the parts. 
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