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    1*Motor Speed Controller Module, 1*Shell Case
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    58 mm
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    38 mm
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    150 g
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    85 mm
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Specifications: Working Voltage: AC 220V Maximum Power: 4000W (connected resistive load) Voltage Regulation: AC 0-220V, start from AC 10V Protection: Anti-spike, Surge, RC absorption (EOC)  Features: The input is connected with AC 220V, output is connected to the electric stove wire or motor appliances, then rotate the knob for speed, voltage, temperature control. Application:  Electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron etc. Attention: Load does not exceed the maximum power, otherwise it will burn module and electrical appliances; use the resistive load as far as possible; reduce inductive and capacitive load power greatly. ( it is best to leave more than half of them)
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