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    1*6J1 Tube Pre Amp Amplifier Board DIY Kit(w/ shell case)
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  • Depth:
    57 mm
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    75 mm
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    87 g
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    70 mm
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Specs: Power input: AC 12 V 0.8A 5.5*2.5 plug Channel: 2.0 / Stereo Potentiometer Role: Volume adjustment + Power Switch Features: FE-6J1-2 tube fever plate pre-amp is the circuit schematic imitation design team Music fax X-10D, to be rational optimization, more stable performance than the original machine, 10% tube set increase. This board uses a single 12 V AC input battery, the processing circuit provides 6J1 tube required positive and negative voltage and voltage supply filament voltage. Energy works: an open tube feeding the filament heating is started, when the impulse from zero-tension start to increase the hot filament tube, etc., also happens to boost boost finish, so this is the same with the 8 * 470 UF capacitor very clean filter, good power supply system will not have a buzzing, the filament is 12 V DC power supply, needs two tube is connected in series with a DC filament filament too in order Reduce noise.d Module Preamplifier Kit DIY
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