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    1*Soap Mat
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  • Depth:
    80 mm
  • Height:
    9 mm
  • Product Weight:
    200 g
  • Width:
    130 mm
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    Soap Mats
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Beautiful and practical,diatom mud soap pad & cup coaster Water absorption and moisture,10 million water suction holes Fast water absorption,The soap that has just been used will also have water drops. Put the soap on the absorbent pad, you can see that the water stains are sucked dry, it takes only ten seconds, it is very convenient and quick. Adjust indoor humidity.Adjust the humidity in the room according to the moisture in the air, the humidity in the room The four-corner plane is not easy to adhere to the hair, and it does not hide the dirt. After using it for a period of time, it can be simply washed with water, and it can be polished with the own sandpaper to maintain the water absorption of the product. It is very durable.
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